Kahaani 2 – When Mother Turns Into Murder and Kidnapper?




Vidya Balan finally hits the theater again with her new movie ‘KAHAANI 2’

Kahaani 2 is a sequel of Kahaani which is released 4 years ago – 2012.

Now the sequel has given title ‘KAHAANI 2 : DURGA RANI SINGH’

This time, the actress-director duo promises more mystery, more drama and more suspense.
The trailer opens with Vidya’s character receiving a phone call, wherein she is informed that her child Mimmi has been abducted.

Next thing you see, she meets with an accident and goes into a coma.

Just when you empathise with her sorry state, you’re told that she is Durga Rani Singh, a woman who is accused of kidnapping and murdering children.

And that sets the spine-chilling story into motion.


While Vidya is back to impress you with her acting chops, Arjun Rampal as the investigating cop too seems promising.

‘Kahaani 2’ hits theatres on December 2, 2016.



Dan faktanya,

buat yang nonton KAHAANI tahun 2012 pasti sudah siap-siap buat menelaah lebih detail dan gak mau kecolongan lagi kayak di film pertama, ketika penonton ditipu oleh kehamilan palsu si Vidya yang ternyata seorang mata-mata.


Dari teaser KAHAANI 2, kelihatan kalau ceritanya lebih gelap, penuh misteri dan ada plot twist tak terduga.

Well, butuh otak sejenis abang Sherlock Holmes atau Conan buat menyibak misteri dan menebak inti cerita yang sebenarnya sebelum film berakhir.

Siapkan popcorn kalian dan tunggu link downloadnya, LOL!




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