Katrina Kaif Revealed Superpower That She Wants to Attain



HAVING SUPERPOWER is great, no one would refuse it, so does Katrina Kaif.

This beautiful heroine of ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, yesterday doing a live facebook video and answered some questions from her worldwide fans.

One of those question is, “What kind of superpower that you want to have?”

Then with smile on her face, Katrina said that she wishes she could read people’s mind.

She thinks that would be awesome, she can see what people are thinking about her, she can avoid the betrayal and any negative things because she knows who is her friend and ‘enemy’


Her answer is really cute and innocent, isn’t it?!




Well, in her 19 minutes live Facebook video, she shared her favorite Games of Thrones’s character which named Jon Snow and she gave tips about how to release some stress too.


Jon Snow – Katrina Kaif’s fav chara of Games of Thrones


She even said hello to Indonesia that she finds it’s beautiful country.

She promises to do live video again next time then ended the video by flying some kisses to her fans (which is me too… hehehe~)


One thought on “Katrina Kaif Revealed Superpower That She Wants to Attain

  1. Katrina Kaif is my favorite actress, she started her career from being cameo and now, here she is – THE BOLLYWOOD HEROINE.

    Ps : I can’t wait for her new movie 🙂


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